5 Crystals for Purifying Speech Will Make You Charismatic Too

5 Crystals for Purifying Speech Will Make You Charismatic Too
There is a saying which goes as “Words are like arrows. Once loose, you cannot call them back.”
The power of speech is one of the most defining characteristics of humankind and this is what makes them successful in life as well.
If you talk nicely with people, they are going to love you back and are going to respect you.
However, it requires immense control over your mind to prevent yourself from saying hurtful things to others.
Not only will it hamper your relations with others but it also will create problems in your life.
If you really wish to get the negativity off your tongue, you should resort to crystals.
There are stones that promote positivity inside you and help to soothe your mind and body.
They promote a sense of tranquility and you tend to be soft-spoken while communicating with others.
These crystals mainly interact with your throat chakra which is the center of communication. 

Few of these crystals are mentioned below:


People often tend to overthink before they talk and this shows a lack of confidence.
Aquamarine is a soothing gemstone and has very fluid and easy-going energy to it.
This stone helps you to stay in the present and be flexible while communicating with others.
Aquamarine washes off any stress or tension from your mind and helps you to go with the flow. 

Lapis lazuli

lapis lazuli

This is an ideal stone for self-discovery because it helps you to get to the truth of who you are in reality.
Lapis lazuli deepens your awareness and reveals to you your purpose and inspires you to seek knowledge that will make you a better version of yourself.
This deep blue stone helps you to trust yourself and also understand the power of your words and their impact on others.
This stone is excellent for singers as it heals the disorders of vocal cords. 



This stone is ideal for people who tend to think negatively and do not have any hope from the world.
Sodalite brings harmony and tranquility in your communications and wards off negativity from your mind.
Sodalite also helps you to better understand yourself so that you can express yourself authentically.
This stone increases your understanding of power which helps you to communicate everything that you have in mind without hurting others.



This is a powerful throat chakra crystal that can be used for unblocking the energy issues in your chakra flow.
Kyanite balances your social, personal and professional life, thereby enabling soft and polite conversation with your seniors, friends, and family.
This stone enlivens you on the inside and helps you to articulate positive speech without any judgment or criticism.
Kyanite helps you to fully step into your power of expression.

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