5 Crystals for Productivity in the Workplace

Crystals for Productivity in the Workplace

Who doesn’t want to have a well-paying and stable job in this world? People are desperately looking for high-paying jobs and are willing to work extra hours as well in some cases. But spending most of your day at your workplace can be boring and depressing if space does not have a good vibe to it. Thus it is very important to have a balanced workplace which can assist you in increasing your productivity. A workplace can be cleansed with the help of crystals. There are stones that can be used to purify a workplace to get rid of all the toxicity and infuse it with positive thoughts and bright, productive energy.

Below is a list of 5 crystals that can help to cleanse a workplace thereby improving its productivity:

1. Black Tourmaline: This is an ideal stone to cleanse your workplace. This crystal forms a protective shield around you and guards you from the negative surroundings or people who are jealous of your success and are having bad thoughts about you. Black tourmaline also works best to repel the Electromagnetic Radiation that is emitted by devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, etc at your workplace. Your aura is cleansed by this crystal which helps in improving your productivity at your workplace.

2. Citrine: This stone has bright energy like the sun. This is one of the best crystals that you can have at your workplace because it brings in abundance, wealth and prosperity to your workplace. Citrine also helps to enhance your creativity and imagination which proves to be helpful for increasing productivity. Citrine gives you the necessary boost to bring your dreams into reality.

3. Tiger’s Eye: You cannot do your work with concentration if your mind is cluttered with numerous other thoughts which hamper your focus on the work at hand. Tiger’s eye is a crystal which helps you to retain your focus and ignore everything that is trying to deviate your mind from the work. It allows you to make confident decisions and boosts self-esteem as well.

4. Green Aventurine: Although it is true that success requires persistent efforts and hard-work but a bit of good luck could always be a helping hand to help you achieve your dreams a bit early. Green aventurine is the stone which brings good luck and prosperity into your life. You are often bombarded with a lot of work at your office. In such cases, the green aventurine helps to relieve stress and anxiety so that you can concentrate on your work and improve your productivity.

5. Selenite: Making the right decision is vital at every workplace and selenite is the stone which will guide you to make the correct choice whenever a complicated situation arises. It helps you to listen to your inner voice and increases your intuition. Selenite also works as a cleansing stone by removing all the negative energy at your workplace.

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