5 Crystals For Forgiveness

5 Crystals For Forgiveness
It is said that it takes courage to apologize but you need to have a far stronger heart to forgive.
Forgiveness is an attribute which not everyone possesses. Only those people who have a strong heart are able to forgive people who have wronged them in the past.
Having said that, the forgiving nature of a person can even help him to end lifelong grudges and start a new life.
There are certain crystals that can help to promote the feeling of forgiveness inside you and can make you compassionate about yourself as well as others.
These crystals open up your heart to accept the apology of another person and look at his good side rather than concentrating on his bad version.
This helps you to see through the veil of anger and accept the other person with all your heart.

A few of these crystals are mentioned below:

Blue Agate

blue agate

This is a crystal that is considered to be one of the best stones when it comes to promoting forgiveness inside a person.
This stone is used as a healing stone for the Throat Chakra and is known to develop patience, reconcile differences and seek forgiveness. Blue agate promotes self-acceptance and confidence and encourages you to speak the truth.
It also overcomes negativity by removing feelings like anger and hatred and generates compassion and love instead.

Rose quartz

rose quartz

This is the crystal of love that has the ability to heal any kind of emotional wound.
This particular crystal has such immense power that it can practically make you ask for forgiveness or can make one forgive the other person.
This stone multiplies your love and compassion for others by many folds and makes you more understanding of nature.
Rose quartz is a very valuable crystal because it tends to release toxic thoughts from your mind and makes you a very affectionate and kind-hearted person.



This is considered as a crystal of compassion and is known to make you compassionate towards yourselves as well as others.
Rhodonite encourages the act of forgiveness inside a person which makes him love himself before having an affection for others.
This crystal helps you to get in touch with your compassionate side so that you learn to do that which is necessary to give a fresh start to troubled relations in your life.

Blue chalcedony

blue chalcedony

This is a very calming stone that instills a sense of trust and belonging inside you.
Blue chalcedony absorbs all the negative energy even before it is passed on to others.
It also encourages benevolence and generosity which makes you forgive others in your life and changes your outlook towards them.
This crystal balances your emotional energy field and is considered to be an excellent stone for people who tend to worry a lot.
Using these crystals for healing is very simple.
You can carry them around in your purse or wallet or wear them in the form of jewellery.
All you need to do is set your intention to it and the crystals will take care of the rest.

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