5 Crystals For Depression & Anxiety

5 Crystals For Depression & Anxiety
Disclaimer: Anxiety and depression are serious issues that can affect your mental health if not taken seriously. Proper expert guidance is necessary if you are suffering from these issues. Healing crystals are not a supplement to the doctor’s medicine but are a complement to it.
Depression and anxiety take a huge toll on mental health which is why it is necessary to address them in the early stages. A trained professional can easily identify such individuals and prescribe medicines accordingly.
However, healing crystals are also known to have properties that remove negativity from the mind and instil it with positive vibes that lift up your spirits. You can keep these healing crystals close to you or you can wear them in the form of jewellery to remain happy and cheerful. Following is a list of five such crystals that you can use:


This ‘master healer’ has properties that help to transmute the negative thoughts in your body and convert them into positive ones. This is a natural stress reliever that can remove the feelings of depression, stress and anxiety from your mind and make you feel optimistic and hopeful.


This crystal is filled with the feminine energy of the moon that soothes your mind and calms your emotions. Moonstone is an emotional balancer that calms anxious thought patterns. This is a powerful stone that eases the symptoms of anxiety and allows you to take control of your emotional instability.

Rose quartz

This is a great healing stone as it stimulates your heart chakra and opens it up to accept love from the surroundings. This stone can help you recognize your own need for compassion and allow you to see that you deserve forgiveness. This crystal provides you with a sense of comfort and healing.


This crystal brings the bright energies of the sun into you. It does not let you hold negativity in your mind which makes it a perfect stone to deal with anxiety and depression. The radiant energy of this stone cultivates positivity, growth and abundance.

Clear Quartz

This crystal is often referred to as the master healer because it can amplify energies of other crystals. This crystal cleanses and balances on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.
This crystal is useful to regain harmony after stressful situations. You can use this crystal to clear your mind of negative thoughts and feelings.

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