5 Crystals for Childbirth

5 Crystals for Childbirth

Pregnancy is a very important phase in a woman’s life because it is during this phase that she holds another living entity inside her. It is during this period that the mother and her baby are prone to get affected by outside energies. If they are not offered a safe and positive environment, then it can have negative effects on the womb which would lead to some serious complications in the future. Crystals can help a woman to protect herself and her womb from unwanted energies and promote a healthy and blissful pregnancy. Below is a list of 5 such crystals which can prove to be beneficial during childbirth.

  • Amethyst – This crystal is an ideal stone for relieving the stress and anxiety that accumulates during childbirth. A mother needs to keep her mind calm and composed if she wants to have a healthy and blissful pregnancy. This not only helps in the proper development of the womb but also helps to keep the mother’s health in good condition. Amethyst also absorbs the negativity from her mind and instills a sense of confidence and optimism inside her which enables her to remain peaceful.
  • Lapis Lazuli – This stone is known to encourage self-awareness and reveal inner truth. Lapis lazuli also promotes compassion and morality inside a person which are much-needed emotions for a would-be mother. This stone also inspires confidence inside the mother which helps her to get over the toxic thoughts and stress that have cluttered in her mind. It also plays an important role in helping the woman develop a connection with the soul inside her belly.
  • Moonstone – This stone has great importance during childbirth because it is filled with the soothing feminine energy of the moon that helps in nurturing the child. Also considered to be the stone of fertility, it assists in balancing the fertility hormones by strengthening the feminine cycle and helps in childbirth. Called as the “stone for new beginnings”, moonstone assists in developing inner strength and stabilizes emotions by providing calmness.
  • Unakite – This stone is very useful for a major spiritual facelift. Emotional pain often builds up in the heart of a pregnant woman due to the stress of being a mother and tension regarding raising a child. Unakite helps to lift this burden from a woman’s mind and makes her ready to welcome her baby with a positive and energetic mindset. This stone also helps to combat the feelings of helplessness and failure which results in a safe pregnancy.
  • Rose Quartz – Everything about this crystal is associated with love and compassion. Rose quartz is known to boost the cheerful and fun-loving side of a person and open up his heart to take in the positive energies from the surroundings. If worn by a pregnant woman, this stone can help her to develop a beautiful bond with her child. Rose quartz also instills a feeling of love and encouragement inside the mother which helps her to think positively and maintain a stable emotional state. It is also helpful for relieving any kind of stress that might have clouded her mind.

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