5 Celebrities Who Love Healing Crystals

Celebrities Who Love Healing Crystals

Crystals have acquired a lot of fame in recent years across the world. As compared to the last decade, crystals have seen a significant rise in their sales over recent years. This has happened because people have become increasingly aware of the healing powers of these crystals and their importance in everyday lives. Another factor that has contributed to the publicity of these crystals is that many celebrities have admitted using these crystals to accomplish their personal goals or overall development. These celebrities are not shy of letting the world know about the power of the crystals. Many of them have gone to such an extent that they have started their stores to promote crystal healing. Since these celebrities have thousands of fans following them regularly, they indirectly help in increasing the reach of crystals. Few of the celebrities who love healing crystals are mentioned below:

1. Adele: This world-famous singer admits that crystals have helped her get over her stage fright. Adele was struggling during her comeback after her pregnancy and used to get nervous before her shows. Fortunately for her, she was approached by a fan before the show who gave her a crystal to get over her anxiety, and it worked like a charm! Adele mentioned that it was one of her best performances and she gives the credit to her crystal. It is said that she does not go anywhere without her citrine, which is said to bring prosperity and helps you to achieve your goals and dreams.

2. Victoria Beckham: This ex-Spice girl admitted that she places the crystals at different places in her home and office to attract positive energy. She is known to use stones like pink quartz and black tourmaline backstage, before the start of her fashion shows to promote positivity and success. She also carries black obsidian in her purse to protect her from negative energies and help maintain a sharp mind.

3. Heidi Pratt: Heidi and her husband run a business by the name of Pratt Daddy Crystals, which showcases their belief in the power of crystals. Their love for crystals is so much that when Heidi gave birth to her son in 2017, her husband surrounded her with $27000 worth of crystals. The collection included an amethyst geode to promote healing, pink rose quartz to create a loving atmosphere and citrine to get rid of stress and promote prosperity.

4. Miranda Kerr: The founder of Kora Organics and a famous Australian model, Miranda Kerr has been fascinated by crystals since her childhood. She said that her grandfather used to give her grandmother beautiful crystals which piqued her interest in these stones as a child. The organic skin care products of Kora Organics are filtered through crystals before they are put on display at the stores. Even Miranda herself carries crystals in her handbag as they make her feel good on the inside.

5. Kim Kardashian-West: In 2016, Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris which left her shattered from the inside. Her friends used to bring her healing crystals to help her come out of the stressful situation and get back to her previous self. At first, she didn’t know about the power of these crystals but as she started feeling better, she knew that there was something special about these stones. She started experiencing calmness and good energies because of those crystals and decided to use them in her perfume line, KKW Fragrance.

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