5 Calming Healing Crystals For Your Baby

5 Calming Healing Crystals For Your Baby
Babies are very innocent as well as intuitive in nature.
Once they start to have a rough idea about the people in their life and their surroundings, their inquisitive nature and mood swings start to increase, which either results in cheerfulness or fear.
In their early days, the people around them are everything for the babies.
This includes their parents, maid or other people who frequently look after them and a slight change in their behavior might hamper the baby’s, tender heart.
This is why there are crystals that soften a baby’s heart and calm down their over-anxious and hyperactive nature.
These crystals also help in the baby’s growth and offer them a balanced physical as well as emotional state.

Few of these crystals are mentioned below:



This stone has a very calming effect on the baby as it has very gentle vibes that balance the emotional state of a baby.
This stone is an ideal pick if your child is suffering from nightmares.
The soothing vibrations of this crystal relax a baby’s mind and help them get a sound sleep, which is what babies do most of the time.
You place a stone under their pillow before going to bed at night so that it will help them sleep.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Babies often have difficulty trusting strangers and tend to cry a lot when their parents take them out in the public.
Clear quartz is a stone that acts as a master healer and makes your child strong on the inside.
Babies feel more comforting at social gatherings and enjoy themselves rather than getting angry or scared.
This stone also offers them a clarity which makes them differentiate their family members from the strangers.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

This crystal is called the “Stone of Unconditional Love” for a reason.
This crystal is so soothing and loving that babies feel nothing but love from their surroundings.
They become more accepting of things which keeps them in a cheerful state every time.
Their occasional mood swings and cries also decrease as they and they always stay in a playful and joyful state of mind.
This emotion of love is also very important for a child’s development.



Babies often cry or make a fuss when they feel anxious or scared of some things around them.
They are not mature enough to know that their parents are there to take care of them which is where sodalite comes into the picture.
This stone with its dark blue colour and white calcium bands soothe your child whenever they feel anxious or emotional.
This stone also offers mental balance and aids your child in thinking logically.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye

This crystal will help your baby in numerous ways.
First of all, this crystal will give your baby the required confidence and will assist them in overcoming fear.
Babies often need the confidence to take their first step or even when they learn to crawl.
Tiger’s Eye is a stone that will promote this kind of confidence required during those moments of anxiety.
This crystal is also very supportive and offers courage whenever needed.
It also helps your baby to remain grounded and balanced.
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