5 Brilliant Ways To Work With Citrine

5 Brilliant Ways To Work With Citrine
In the field of crystal healing, citrine is considered to be a very powerful stone.
Not only is it used to attract wealth and prosperity but also for warding off stress and negativity.
If you know how to work with this stone, then you can bring a positive change in your life.

Following is a list of ways by which you can benefit from this beautiful stone:

Program it manifest abundance

Citrine is a stone which has been renowned for bringing in abundance and prosperity into your life.
Since it activates the solar plexus chakra, citrine enhances your ability to manifest anything that you truly desire, be it love, wealth, etc.
You can program this crystal for your desired outcome by holding it in your hand and thinking about what you wish to achieve with its help.
Once this is done, you can keep the stone in your energy field and allow its energy to interact with your aura to bring in the change in your life. 

Create a citrine grid for positive energy and protection

Citrine is a stone which continuously radiates positive and vibrant energy.
You can use this energy to protect your place from negativity or even create a bright atmosphere in it.
You can form a crystal grid using citrine and then charge it with your intention.
This grid when placed in your home or office creates a powerful force field that structures and patterns the energy of your environment and positively affect everyone who is exposed to it.
Remember to cleanse the crystals before using them to create a grid.

Rejuvenate your body

This is one of the best crystals you can resort to whenever you are feeling exhausted or low in life.
The revitalizing energy of citrine can offer you the necessary boost to enjoy your work and get things done easily.
The vibrant energies of citrine can recharge your batteries and boost your metabolism, endocrine system and other vital organs.
Place this stone directly over your root chakra and wait for some time.
You will notice a sudden change in your body as you will start feeling more refreshed and lively.

Awaken your Crown chakra

The golden rays of citrine help to activate the crown chakra.
This chakra is considered as a gateway to your higher self, higher dimensions and source energy.
Placing citrine on your crown chakra helps to strengthen spiritual connections and higher dimensional access.
Meditate by using citrine if you wish to get answers to some of the most complex problems of your life.
Citrine is sure to offer you an insight into the higher state and help you receive any messages from your spiritual angels.

Use it as an anti-depressant

Often it happens that a particular problem causes havoc in your mind and brings you down in life.
You start feeling depressed and lose all hope in your life.
At such times, citrine can be of great use as it is filled with the bright and radiant energy of the sun which lights up your mind and removes every trace of negativity from it.
Citrine restores hope and optimism in your life and transmutes negative thoughts into positive energy.
Place this stone over your heart chakra so as to accept the beautiful and warm energy of this stone.

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