5 Best crystals to gift to your loved ones

5 Best crystals to gift to your loved ones
Buying gifts for your loved ones is the best way to express your love for them. This gift can be as expensive as a car or as simple as a greeting card. But, what if you can gift something more useful like a healing crystal?
Healing crystals are something that brings joy, health and good fortune to those who believe in them and use them on a regular basis. If you know what ails your best friend or relative, then you can select a crystal for them that targets that particular issue.
This will help to make their life more meaningful and happy. Following is a list of five crystals which can be given to your loved ones:


Called as the “master healer”, amethyst is the best stone which you can ever give to your loved ones. The energy of this crystal removes all the stress, negativity, fear and anxiety from your mind and instils a sense of peace and tranquillity. Amethyst is a good grounding stone as well and helps you to live a balanced life.

Black tourmaline

Whenever you feel like there is some unseen force which is pulling you down in life, you should resort to black tourmaline. The benefit of this stone is that it forms a protective shield around you and wards off all the stress and negativity from your mind and surrounding. This stone also protects from the harmful EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices.

Clear quartz

Only a clear mind is able to think in an appropriate way which is why this stone is important. Clear quartz offers clarity to your mind and makes you take the right decisions. This stone clears the clutter in your mind by removing all the unproductive thoughts from it. This stone is considered as the master of all healing crystals and enhances spiritual receptiveness.

Rose quartz

This stone is called the “stone of love” because it emits loving energies that promote love and compassion in the surrounding atmosphere. Rose quartz tells you to open your heart to accept love from your surroundings and offer compassion to those in need. This stone wards off depression and promote positivity and happiness.


This stone is said to have the energy of the sun stored in it. The bright colour of citrine is reminiscent of the sun’s energy and helps to light up the darkness in your life. This stone also stimulates creativity and is known to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance to its user.

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