5 Best Crystals For Pets

5 Best Crystals For Pets
Humans tend to get attached to their pets just like they would with any other family member.
Even the pets make their owner their world and love him immensely.
You bring your pets their favourite food, take them to their favourite places and shower love on them in one way or another.
You ensure that your pet does not face any problem and gets a happy atmosphere to live in.
However, just like humans, pets also face a variety of issues like hyperactivity, anxiety, joint pain, etc.
Such issues can be treated with healing crystals which prove to be beneficial for your pets.
You can either place these crystals on their affected part or put them in their collar so that they can benefit from them.

Some of these crystals are mentioned below:



This is a stone that promotes balance and increases the flow of life energy.
This stone becomes necessary when your pet does not respond to your calls or faces difficulty even in standing up on his four legs.
Quartz instills your pet with vitality which restores his physical stamina and makes him active again.



If your pet is continuously facing some issues related to health, then it is time that you introduce bloodstone to your pet.
This crystal is known to have properties that can strengthen the immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to the needs of your pet’s body.
This stone facilitates the removal of toxins and enhances the cells' nutrient absorption as well.
This helps to support recovery from infections of all kinds.

Black agate

black agate

This is a flawless stone that has ample powers that can help your pet in every way.
This stone is a stone of communication that deepens the bond between the parent and his fur baby.
Black agate is a good stone to restore the cardiac rhythm of your dog.
This crystal also proves to be good if your dog or cat is suffering from anxiety or separation disorder.
Black agate can also be used for obedience training for your cat or dog.




This is a very important stone to keep in your kit because it removes every bit of negativity from your pet’s mind and makes him rejuvenated and lively like before.
Fluorite frees the dog from chronic illness and allergies quite easily.
This stone is also useful to tackle any flea or bug breakout from which your pet is suffering.


The playful and energetic nature of a pet often lands him into trouble by causing some injury to his body.
Lavender is a stone that can be used to soothe the pain and promote healing.
This stone is also helpful for arthritis and painful joints and helps to increase overall energy and vitality.
Place this stone on the painful area of your pet’s body to offer him relief.

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