5 Amethyst Stone Benefits to Empower the Body Mind Spirit

5 Amethyst Stone Benefits to Empower the Body Mind Spirit
Amethyst is a stone whose healing properties have been valued for thousands of years.
If you have just begun your spiritual journey, then amethyst probably would be the first stone that would have attracted you to it.
Amethyst is highly powerful and can bring about a physical, emotional as well as spiritual balance inside an individual.
Apart from this, amethyst also awakens the higher chakras and strengthens intuition.
This crystal carries calming energy which brings peace to your mind and body.

Following is a list of benefits of this amazing stone:

Natural stress reliever

The most powerful property of amethyst is its ability to ward off stress and negativity from your mind.
Amethyst is known to attract positive energy while removing every bit of negative energy from your body.
It relieves your mind of toxic feelings like anxiety, fear, and depression.
Amethyst creates a bubble of spiritual light around your body which protects you from negative energies.

Promotes hormonal balance

This is a stone which brings balance to the endocrine system.
This system is responsible for making hormones in your body.
This stone can be used to optimize the performance of the endocrine system which includes the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, pineal body, reproductive glands, and pancreas.
Once you achieve hormonal balance, issues like weight gain, PMS, acne, menopause, etc will no longer surface.

Improves mental focus

Whenever you find it difficult to concentrate on your mind, amethyst is the stone you should resort to. This stone either calms or stimulates the mind, depending on what is necessary at that moment. It helps to channelize your scattered thoughts and improves your memory. The gentle vibes of this stone offer a feeling of serenity to your mind which brings it back on track. Amethyst also boosts the creative side of your mind.

Improves decision-making

This stone is very beneficial in strengthening your decision-making capabilities. Amethyst helps you to make the right choice by combining your intuition as well as common sense. This stone helps you to see through your emotions that might be clouding your judgment. Hold this crystal in your hand and think about what decision you wish to take and the amethyst will guide you to it.

Heals protects and cleanses the spirit

This stone is known to cleanse your aura of all the toxicity and negativity and makes it flow with bright and positive energy. The negative energy is also transmuted into the energy of love which makes you feel joyous on the inside. It forms a protective shield around you and protects you from negative influences that distract your mind and spirit.
Even after all these years, there are still some properties of this marvelous stone which are yet to be discovered. Amethyst is truly a wonder of nature and should be chosen if you really wish to experience a wonderful healing journey.

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