4 Steps Of Programming Crystals

4 Steps Of Programming Crystals

Crystals are the purest form of energy on Earth. Crystals are composed of atoms and are in perfect harmony with nature and are considered as the manifestation of energy in the form of solids.

Crystals are used for various purposes ranging from healing, meditation,  conveying energies to mankind to jewelry to use in watches, computer chips, and optical fibers owing to their ability to serve as conductors, transmitters, and energy amplifiers.

For any crystal to manifest its true powers and energies it requires to be programmed and the process of programming involves a few steps that will help the crystal to manifest superior powers.

Follow these 4 steps to program your crystals

Before commencing on the programming process, select the crystal you want to work with. Select the crystal you love and one that attracts you the most and if you are unclear about the crystal you want to work with let your instincts be your guide. After selecting the crystal, state the intention.

Step 1 – cleansing the crystal

Cleaning a crystal is the first step in programming it. Clean it with water (running water, preferably from a river or ocean but in case, there is no source of running pure water, tap water will also do). Check if your crystal is water friendly or you could also opt for Sage smoke that will help in cleaning your crystal and enhance its powers.

Step 2 – ask the crystal

Sounds a little queer? But, it is important to ask or request your crystal to be your manifestation crystal rather than simply expecting it to do so. Place the crystal near your heart and simply ask the question and trust me, the crystal will answer in affirmative (via energy vibrations, of course).

Step 3 – charge the crystal

Sit down in either sunlight or moonlight and meditate with the crystal placed near you, out in the open. This will help the sunlight or moonlight to touch the crystal and energize it. Also, the benefit of your mediation will help in charging the crystal further.

Step 4 – feel the sensations

When step 1, 2, and 3 are completed, place the crystal on your palm and visualize deeply what you want to achieve. This focus will help in programming the crystal of your desires and what you want the crystal to do. Once this is done, you feel a flow of energy from the crystal to your body.

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