4 Powerful Energy Crystals For The Year Of The Pig

4 Powerful Energy Crystals For The Year Of The Pig
The Chinese zodiac calendar is comprised of 12 animal signs, where the last astrological sign of the Zodiac is the Wild Boar or Pig.
People who are born in the “Year Of The Pig” are thought to be courageous, responsible, independent, devoted, joyful and friendly.
A person born under the sign of the Boar or Pig takes up a profession that supports others like a teacher, philosopher, social worker, scientist, engineer, etc.
Below is a list of energy crystals that can energetically support you during this year:


This is a gemstone that is associated with energy, love, joy, & power. This warm & energizing stone is known to strengthen the emotional Heart chakra, especially after mental exhaustion.
This crystal stone is well known for enticing love, courage, confidence, vitality, stamina, & strength. It is also a protective crystal that offers strength during disputes or controversy.

Snakeskin Agate

snakeskin agate
This is another energy crystal which is ideal for energetic support during the Year Of The Pig. This stone promotes feelings of inner peace and acknowledgment of the joy that may be found in one’s life. Snakeskin agate is helpful in eliminating mundane worries and concerns.
This gemstone facilitates the movement of energy & is an empowering crystal tool providing strength and endurance during times of activity.


This is a powerful manifestation crystal that you can use during the Year of The Pig. It attracts resources, wealth & prosperity along with awareness of the opportunities of new beginnings. This crystal generates the perseverance & endurance necessary to take ideas/projects to completion.
Citrine stabilizes the emotions, dissolves feelings of anger & encourages a bright outlook on life. It helps one to get to the source of an obstacle & facilitates a quick solution.

Aqua Aura

aqua aura
This energy stone benefits the throat chakra for improving communication. This crystal is used by crystal healers and others to calm the emotions and the emotional body. Aqua aura is also a powerful stress reliever.
Aqua Aura is strong energy for reducing or eliminating anger. The energies of this crystal will release old wounds and help your emotional healing.

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