4 Powerful crystals for healing your chronic pain

Disclaimer: Crystals should not be used as a replacement for regular medicine but should only be used as a complement to the prescribed medicine. Medical diagnosis and treatment is a must if you are suffering from chronic pain.
Chronic pain can drain you in the worst possible way, both emotionally as well as physically. It becomes unbearable to even stand for a second if you are suffering from chronic pain in any area of your body.
Healing crystals have been used since ancient ages to deal with such kind of chronic pain. Though these crystals do not actually cure the pain like medicine they do give you the necessary mental power and confidence to recover quickly from the pain and get your life back to normalcy.
Following is a list of four such crystals that can be used to tackle chronic back pain:


 This master healer is very beneficial in reducing pain. This crystal can help to reduce the pain from arthritis, injury or any metabolic issues. This crystal helps to manage the pain and discomfort to its user. It also deals with the stress and anxiety that arises when you are facing chronic pain. Place this stone over the affected area and hold it there for some time to reap its benefits.

Rose quartz

This crystal is known to have a cooling effect on your body that helps to curb the pain to some extent. The anti-inflammatory properties of this crystal help to soothe the inflammation around the affected area and make you feel relaxed.
By stimulating the kidney, rose quartz helps to eliminate toxins from your body. In addition to this, rose quartz comforts your mind with its loving vibrations and keeps you emotionally balanced.


 This crystal is known to have high iron content inside it which is beneficial while dealing with pain. Hematite maintains the charge of actual nerve cells which make it an ideal crystal for relieving pain.
This crystal helps to regulate the blood flow to the affected part of the body. This helps to reduce the pain and gives you some comfort. Hematite helps in maintaining the charge of the crystals which make it a good choice for pain relief.

Lapis Lazuli

 When you are facing any chronic disease, it is your mental strength which takes the toll. If you are strong mentally, then even chronic pain cannot damage you in any way.
Lapis lazuli is a stone which boosts your mental strength and helps to relieve issues surrounding chronic pain. The amazing vibrations of this stone also promote confidence and positivity inside your mind which helps you to recover quickly from this disease.

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