4 Most Powerful Energy Crystals For Cancerians

As the summer solstice begins on June 21st, so does the period for the zodiac sign Cancer. When the sun is in Cancer from June 21st to July 22nd, everyone will be exposed to the energy of Cancer.
Fortunately, regardless of your sign, there are crystals that can help guide you to being in balance with Cancer’s strong energy during the coming weeks. Whether you need to boost positive energies, eliminate negative ones, or you need help in certain aspects of your life during this period, these crystals can help you make the most of this time of year.
While these stones have a special connection with Cancerians as they are their birthstones, everyone else can benefit from them as well. Following is the list of such crystals:


This stone is said to be filled with the feminine energy of the moon and has properties that calm down your mind and offer you a sense of peace. This stone is associated with the crown and the Third Eye chakra, thereby making it a powerful stone for improving intuition. It is especially helpful for Cancerians who have self-doubt.


This gemstone is known for helping boost creativity, memory and connecting to one’s higher self. This stone of transformation brings to light issues that might have buried deep inside you and allows you to see through them clearly. This crystal helps you to turn negative energy into positive energy.


This is another stone that is associated with the moon and has an effect on the crown and Third Eye chakras. This makes selenite an excellent crystal for improving intuition, self-discovery and protection against any kind of negative energy. It is an excellent stone for the overly sensitive Cancerian and it helps cleanse one’s mind of negative thoughts and helps facilitate forgiveness.


It is also a gemstone associated with the moon, which is why it is considered by many to be a suitable birthstone for Cancer. Since Calcite comes in different colours, its chakra association depends on the colour of the particular crystal you get. Generally, however, Calcite is a manifestation stone, making it an excellent stone for anyone who wants to boost their careers or focus on work, regardless of the stone’s colour.

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