4 Most Effective Gemstones For Emotional Healing And Growth

4 Most Effective Gemstones For Emotional Healing And Growth
Emotional health is often neglected in the modern world while running behind money and success. We work for hours from our offices, but we never realize that we should give an equal amount of time to our family to ensure a healthy atmosphere and relations.
If proper measures are not taken, then it might lead to emotional instability. Healing crystals can be used to keep your mind in a balanced state so as to prevent you from getting stressed and mentally exhausted.
These energy crystals show you a way of tackling the issues in hand and come up with a solution that would lead to emotional healing and growth:

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

This is an ideal stone to keep with you if you are going through a breakup or are attempting to practice self-love. This “Universal Stone of Love” is the perfect gemstone to help you open your heart chakra.
This healing stone is sometimes referred to as the stone of the heart and is one of the most common and effective gemstones for emotional healing.
The soothing vibes of this stone promote a calming atmosphere around you and help you to get rid of negative thoughts.



This is the most sought after gemstones when it comes to crystal healing. In times of stress and anxiety, amethyst helps to filter out the negative emotions in your mind.
In addition to this, the energy crystal transmutes these negative thoughts into positive ones.
The calming nature of amethyst can help to balance your thoughts and center you emotionally.



This gemstone deals with your head as much as it deals with your heart. Howlite calms down an overactive mind & helps to process these thoughts to better understand the root cause of your emotions.
This crystal stone increases your spiritual awareness and helps you to gain insight into your innermost thoughts and feelings.



The calming effects of this gemstone helps to neutralize the effects of negative emotions on your mind. Amazonite promotes inner harmony and balance, thereby assisting in overall emotional health and growth.
Amazonite can help reduce the fear of judgment and can calm anxious thoughts.

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