4 Most Creative Crystal Decoration Ideas For This Quarantine

Coronavirus has spread havoc in the whole world. This global pandemic has forced the local governments to take drastic measures to contain the spread of this disease. As a result, nationwide lockdown orders are issued which has led to people spending almost three months quarantined in their homes.
This has put stress on their emotional state and people have started experiencing feelings like anxiety, depression, anger etc. But these negative times can be made more enjoyable with the help of healing crystals.
If one has proper knowledge of these crystals then you can use them to fill you with positive energies and enthusiasm. Moreover, you can even use these crystals to decorate your homes in a beautiful way. Placing these crystals at specific places inside your homes can lead to the flow of positive and blissful energies inside your home. Following is a list of ways by which you can decorate your house with these crystals:

Crystal Chandeliers

A chandelier adds an element of elegance to your space. Its luxuriousness and grandeur are unrivalled and nothing can take its place, which makes it a perfect item for décor. You can use it as hanging candle holders, curtains and net lights etc.

Crystal Beaded Curtains

These curtains consist of 34 strands of a smoke beaded curtain on a black rod along with 2 solid hooks for easy hanging. It creates like a majestic cascade of iridescent crystals. There is an iridescent coating on the beads which magically reflects the light using the picture-perfect facets of smoky beads.

Wall Hanging Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is the most recent trend of using a crystal for home décor. These dream catchers can help you to fulfil your dreams and bless your home with positivity. You can hang a dream catcher made of clear quartz on your wall. Clear quartz has peaceful vibrations that offer clarity to your thoughts and help you to see a clear picture.

Rock Collection Cased In Glass

Everyone loves to collect crystals and place them in their homes. However, it also matters how you place them. If they are placed randomly around your house, then you might fail to catch the attention of your guests. An alternative way of using these crystals is to place them in a transparent glass box. You can place crystals of your liking inside this glass box which makes it look colourful and adds a charm to your house.

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