4 Most Common Myths about Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is not a recent practice. This method has been used by ancient civilizations for different purposes ranging from attaining spirituality to healing wounds. These stones have metaphysical properties that assist in achieving emotional, physical and spiritual stability.
This technique is used by professional healing experts widely these days as it is known to have positive effects on the human body and is believed to be a good complement to regular medicine.
However, there are a few myths about crystal healing that need to be cleared to prevent the spread of misinformation. These myths are as follows:
One can select a random stone and start working with it
 This is one of the most common beliefs in beginners who are new to crystal healing. Every crystal vibrates at a different frequency and hence reacts differently to every individual. When it comes to choosing a crystal, let the crystal choose you. If you feel a certain spark in your body or tickly feeling while holding a crystal in your hand, then that crystal is meant for you.
Crystals are magical rocks
This is the most common misconception that you can have about crystals. Crystals do not have any magical powers and they do not cause instantaneous transformation. Use them only as a tool to enhance the positivity around you and feel spiritually balanced. Crystals do not cure any disease but they do help you to deal with the pain by keeping you strong on the inside.
Polished crystals are more beautiful than the rough ones
 One thing that you should always remember that the power of a crystal is not determined by its beauty. Rugged looking crystals can emit the same or even more amount of energy as compared to the polished crystals. Once you connect with a stone, its shape and size should not matter.
Crystals should be given as a gift
 It is perfectly alright to buy crystals on your own. It does not matter whether you have received your crystal as a gift or you have purchased it on your own. As long as the crystal is authentic, it will keep assisting you in your healing journey.

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