4 Moonstone Facts That Will Surprise You

4 Moonstone Facts That Will Surprise You

Moonstone is the birthstone of all those born in the month of June. June is one of the two months in a year that has three birthstones in its kitty, Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone.

The Moonstone is formed with Albite and Orthoclase and primarily, comes in a bluish hue but there are other colors available in Moonstones like peach, pink, yellow, cream, and grey. Moonstone is associated with the 3rd anniversary of a married couple and an apt gift for couples celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary.

Moonstone is beautiful; no doubt about it, but it is loaded with facts that will surprise anyone. Here are the top 4 facts about Moonstones that will leave you astounded.

Fact 1

Moonstones are from everywhere

Most crystals and gemstones appear in specific locations. Moonstone appears in many parts of the world like Madagascar, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and India. White Moonstones are mined at multiple places but other color Moonstones are mined only in India, especially in the state of Bihar.

Fact 2

Moonstone has mystic powers

Ayurveda, the oldest medical practice in the world, employs Moonstone in its practice. Ayurveda believes that everything on this Earth is interconnected and the human body has the ability to heal itself using this interconnection. And, Moonstone is feminine, thus, is used to cure women-related ailments such as PMS, menstrual pain and cramps, conceiving and delivery issues. Doctors around the world recommend the use of Moonstone for healing.

Fact 3 

The adularescence effect of the Moonstone

As commonly believed Moonstone is not transparent but is milky white in color. Apart from its natural whitish color, the gemstone also comes in various colors. Most popular Moonstone today is the Rainbow Moonstone which has an amalgamation of colors on a base of bluish luster and a shimmery hue on top. The shimmering effect is due to the adularescence phenomenon which sets the Moonstone apart from other gemstones.

Fact 4

Moonstones are, in reality, soft stones

Compared to other gemstones, Moonstones are relatively softer stone making it easy for jewelers to work and try out new shapes of the stone. It stands at 6 - 6.5 grade on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is quite less compared to other gemstones, with Diamond standing at 10.

Did you know – Moonstone is the official gemstone of the State of Florida??

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