4 Essential Tourmaline Healing Crystal Properties

4 Essential Tourmaline Healing Crystal Properties
Whenever you need to promote inspiration and happiness inside a person and reduce his fears, you need to resort to tourmaline.
This is a stone which can be used to balance the yin-yang energies and to form a bridge that could connect you to the spiritual world.
This beautiful stone is available in a variety of colours like pink, red, blue, yellow and brown, but the most common and widely used among them is black tourmaline.
This stone is considered as an ideal stone for energizing and balancing the chakras, which in turn helps to attain emotional and physical balance.
Shamans in countries like Africa, India, Australia, etc have been using tourmaline for ages to treat a number of problems.

Following is a list of four such important properties of tourmaline:

Removes negativity

One of the most important characteristics of tourmaline is that it assists in the removal of negativity from your body.
This is one of the best stones you can resort to whenever you are feeling low and depressed in your life.
Black tourmaline is an ideal crystal that you can carry with you or keep at your office or home to deflect negative people and their toxic thoughts away from your life.

Protects from EMF

In the modern world, people are often surrounded by electronic devices like smartphones, television, microwave etc.
These devices emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that damage your own energy field and affect you in a negative way.
Tourmaline can be used to offer protection from such frequencies as it has the ability to deflect harmful radiations away from your body, thereby protecting you from them.

Shields from psychic attacks

When you are on the path of success, not everyone is around you is happy for your achievements.
There are some people who are jealous of your success and tend to concoct some negative plans about you that are aimed at hurting you in one way or another.
These psychic attacks can be repelled with the help of tourmaline.
This crystal purifies these negative thoughts and converts them into positive and usable energy.

Assists in grounding

Tourmaline is able to assist in grounding a person to his roots whenever he feels that he is losing the balance in his life.
Most of the times it happens that your mind is not in its normal state and you need some emotional support that could help you to get out of this situation.
Tourmaline is the best stone is this aspect because it grounds the root chakra to the earth’s energies which helps you to stay stable emotionally.
When it comes to healing, tourmaline is one of the best stones in the market and that is the reason it has gained a lot of popularity. There are multiple ways by which you can use tourmaline, wear it as a jewellery or place it in your home or office. Whichever way you use it, this crystal is bound to make your life stable and positive.

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