4 Energy Crystals For Family Harmony

4 Energy Crystals For Family Harmony
Family is one of the most important concepts of human civilization. A family offers love, faith, confidence and strength to an individual which assists him in climbing the ladder of success. But living in a joint family has its pros as well as cons.
The elders try to force their decisions on you which might lead to conflicts. This hampers the harmonious vibrations in your house. Healing crystals can be used to maintain a loving and caring atmosphere in your place.
These crystals have properties that help you understand the other person and his needs and act accordingly. You tend to spread nothing but love in the presence of these crystals. Following is a list of four such crystals:

Tiger’s Eye

This stone is very beneficial if you wish to maintain balance in your life. Tiger’s Eye allows a person to find the harmonious centre between all types of polarities. It helps you to see both sides of the disagreement. This crystal is beneficial for those who tend to go to extremes to find equilibrium in their emotional lives.

Clear quartz

This self-cleansing stone is very useful for absorbing the negativity. Clear quartz spreads peace of mind in every family member. This stone removes every bit of negativity from your mind and gives you clarity as to what is important to maintain an atmosphere of harmony in your house.


This stone is strongly connected to the moon and is known to soothe emotional instability, ease stress and stabilize your emotions. It also enhances your emotional intelligence. If you place it on your solar plexus, it will draw out old emotional patterns so that they can be comprehended then released. The peaceful vibes of this stone help to create a balanced climate in your home.


Azurite clears away stress and worry, eases sadness and grief and brings more light to your emotions. It transforms fears and phobias and helps you understand why these emotions came to you in the first place. Azurite works by cleansing and stimulating your third eye and brings deep emotional healing and removes energy blocks to develop a harmonious relationship between your family members.

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