4 Effective Healing Crystals for Your Garden

4 Effective Healing Crystals for Your Garden
The healing super-powers of gemstones and crystals when it comes to human beings are no secret. People everywhere use crystals to keep a level head and other physical remedies.
But did you know, that these powers can also be used for plants and gardening? A lot of people who have struggled to get results using various combinations of fertilizers have seen a significant impact on the growth of their gardens after trying some crystal therapy for their greens.
Even if one doesn’t believe in the powers of gemstones, they add a nice decorative touch to gardens. They are available in a wide variety of colours, textures and shades, which can make any garden look tasteful.
But this blog is not to suggest people consider gemstones for décor in their gardens. This is still, a hopeful attempt of convincing you to look at the magical aspects of the crystals.
Using precious stones in gardens for their healing powers can be achieved by placing them under or over the soil beds near roots, or on the surface near the plants.
Here are some crystals that are helpful in the gardens, both for the plants and the people taking a stroll in them.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular crystals used for healing, owing to its high energy vibrations. It stimulates growth and promotes healing in the garden, and ensures better quality plant yield. Very specific use of Clear Quartz is for tomato plants since it helps them fight against pests and disease. It’s also a very ornate edition to a garden because of its white glassy surface.

Green Adventurine

These stones range from light to dark green shades, act as a cost-friendly alternative to jades for Zen and Bonsai gardens. Green Adventurine is known to absorb negative energies and calm stress. These positive reinforcements also promote healthier plant growth.


This colourful gemstone is known for its positive energies of fortitude, perseverance and balance. It adds tremendous decorative value to the garden with its streaks and blotches of various colours like orange, green, brown etc.


Citrine and its yellow, golden and orange outlook represent the healing powers of the sun. It draws a vibe of positivity and happiness. Ideal for adding a cheery yellow contour to flower beds and containers, Citrine is a beautiful addition to any garden.
Although mostly green stones are used in the garden for their healing prowess and their connectivity to the Earth element, other coloured stones can also be commonplace in the garden. These four and many other gemstones can really raise the value of a garden and make it a place of peace and prosperity.

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