4 Demystifying Crystals For A Calm Soul

One of the mantras of a happy life is to have a calm mind. There are a lot of occasions in our daily lives that can lead to stress and anxiety, which depletes your energy and leaves you feeling exhausted. So, the best thing to do in such situations is to reach for your gemstones and focus on some self-care. When you are worried, you are not able to focus on the present moment.
Using the right crystal can help you return to the now and ground your vibes. These crystals will relax your mind and will calm your soul, thereby making you feel joyful and optimistic. Following is a list of such crystals:


 Often called the “master healer”, amethyst has properties that transmute the negative energy in your body and convert them into positive ones. The soothing energy of this powerful stone is effortless to connect with, and it fuses with the crown and third eye chakras to send peaceful vibes straight to where you need them.
It also brings clarity to your mind, so you understand the situations better that cause stress.


 This crystal is so popular because it is commonly associated with balance and clarity. This crystal is thought to banish negativity and replace it with a rational and clear mindset. This crystal enables you to concentrate on it in order to cut through the chaos and allowing yourself to identify and address the root of the problem.
This crystal helps you gain perspective on your situation which eases the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Blue lace agate

 This is a soothing stone that can help to cleanse you of the stresses that come from working with others. This is a stone that has stimulating and positive effects on emotions and attitude. The circular flowing energy of this stone calms, uplifts and elevates.
This stone is associated with the throat chakra and is great for helping with clear, gentle communication, allowing people to speak freely who usually struggle to talk in front of others.

Rose quartz

 This stone of love is one of the best crystals to prevent stress. The soothing energies of this calm stonework with your heart chakra and open it to promote inner peace.
It is particularly good at allowing you to let go of any guilt or shame you have and encourage nurturing emotions instead.

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