4 crystals you need to improve your memory


Crystal Bracelets serves more than one purpose, today we will let you know you can use them to improve your memory.

The ability to memorise and be attentive is crucial to your success. This is true whether you want to progress in your career, learn new skills, be a better parent, or any other endeavour.

When your mind wanders, mistakes are made and your quality of work suffers. Problem-solving becomes more difficult and a lack of progress can become frustrating. This can also make you drown in multiple problems.

This is where crystals can really help. By working through the upper chakras, crystals enhance your mental processes to give a sense of calm. The result is improved memory and focus. 

There is nothing much easier than wearing a crystal bracelet to carry the crystal along with you all the while to enjoy its benefits.

Today in this blog, we bring you 5 crystals that you got to own for better memory. 

  • Clear Quartz
crystal braceletcrystal bracelet

Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelets is all about clear thinking. It's a powerful healing gemstone used for centuries to enhance the energy of other crystals. But in its own right, clear quartz is wonderfully harmonising and can keep the mind balanced, focused and less distracted.

If you need focused attention on a project, want to decrease mental chatter, or sharpen your intellect to absorb and retain information more effectively, clear quartz Crystal Bracelets all you need to use.

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  • Tiger’s eye
crystal braceletcrystal bracelet

Most of the crystals in this article are linked with the upper chakras. However, tiger’s eye, The Stone of the Mind, is also an important crystal for clarity and focus.

Tiger’s eye is affiliated with the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras. It has the unique ability to filter mental distractions and boost determination and attentiveness. Much like a tiger that never loses its focus when hunting, this crystal bracelet grants the wisdom to stay focused on your current task. 

If you need the confidence to reason through a decision and ensure your train of thought remains on the task, tiger’s eye Crystal Bracelets is a good choice. 

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  • Amazonite

crystal bracelet

Named after the Amazon river, amazonite carries the force to enhance focus and success.

It has loving energy that empowers you to speak the truth, whilst encouraging compassion to accept different viewpoints. This can be particularly useful when facing deadlines or wishing to get your point across in a clear, kind and succinct manner.

By dissolving stress, which affects cognitive ability, crystal bracelet using amazonite’s soothing energy promotes relaxation that can also improve concentration, problem-solving abilities and attention span. 

If you need the confidence to reason through a decision and ensure your train of thought remains on the task, tiger’s eye Crystal Bracelets is a good choice. 

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  • Smokey Quartz 
crystal bracelet

Smokey quartz combines the power of mother nature with the elevating effect of higher consciousness.

As the Stone of Cooperation, smokey quartz helps to dissolve contradiction. It stabilises confusion and removes negative energy, which often hinders focus and concentration.

This wonderful stone crystal bracelet is great for calming mental chatter that can keep you from performing at your best. 

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