4 Crystals To Know That Bring You Luck

4 Crystals To Know That Bring You Luck

Precious and semiprecious stones are lucky stones used since ancient times to treat, divine and formulate spells. Pervaded by the vibratory energies of the universe, the stones, in fact, transmit the vibrations that come from the cosmos and the earth. They thus influence the body and the psyche of the wearer.

Lucky stones, what are they?

Depending on the place of origin, the lucky charms change. Christian countries believe that the greatest good luck charm is the cross, the Egyptians have the eye of Horus. In Thailand, the pendants of the Buddha bestow upon this task, in Bolivia the images of the god Ekeko. A powerful talisman, especially in the Middle Ages, was the pentagram, able to protect from misfortune and envy.

Some of them, however, are particularly used to favor issues related to love, luck, and prosperity. In the following, we will see some precious stones, among the most used.

  1. Alexandrite

Alexandrite promotes inner fulfillment and success, stimulates imagination, risk appetite and brings good luck. Alexandrite promotes receptivity and surrender to the forces of nature. Blue-green stones teach self-discipline and control; they can also bring good luck in love because they harmonize the opposing masculine and feminine energies within a relationship.

  1. Moonstone

According to Eastern peoples, this stone represents a lucky charm. In India, it is considered sacred and is usually placed on display on a yellow cloth because in that country yellow is considered one of the most sacred colors. In medieval times, moonstone was a popular gift for lovers.

  1. Ruby

The Chinese believe that the ruby brings long life, while dreaming suggests great joy and fortune (see also: How to attract fortune: numerology and the number of the ego). Bring the ruby ​​to the left side of the body, or to the index or little finger of the receptive hand; will act as a shield against misfortune. For added protection and more power, use a jewel with ruby ​​as a necklace for an earring or piercing.

  1. Jade

The green jade is an amulet for good luck very appreciated in China, in fact, it is very common that in this country there are many people who carry this stone in their pocket. It is used to attract prosperity both personally and at the family level and also transmits values ​​such as modesty, charity, kindness, and good friendships.

This stone has been considered for many centuries as a very special sacred amulet to bring good fortune, protect the body against diseases, give luck in business and even to maintain stable and loving relationships in a state of tranquillity.

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