4 Crystals to Attract Your Soul Mate

4 Crystals to Attract Your Soul Mate

It is always nice to have that one person with you who will be an eternal part of your life and fill it with nothing but joy. Often called a “soul mate’, this person is not easy to find. You get into different relations before marriage but not everyone is your soul mate. Sometimes this person hides in plain sight and you are not even able to identify him from the crowd. This can affect your life in a negative way if you fail to find the right soul mate for you. Crystals have been used for ages for their powers which stimulate the human mind in making the right decisions and having a clear and focused mind. These crystals can also help you to filter all the distractions and look at people from a different perspective. You tend to understand who is the right match for you and who isn’t if you make use of these crystals properly. Following is a list of four such crystals:

1. Rose quartz: This pink stone is one of the most soothing crystals in the world that is used to attract love and compassion. The vibrant energy of this crystal is enough to encourage and attract unconditional love in your life. This universal heart stone opens up the heart chakra and heals the heart by restoring trust, forgiveness, and peace. This stone brings positivity inside you and you feel like taking the risk of confessing your love to your beloved person. This is an ideal stone for those who are suffering from mid-life crises and need to recover from emotional trauma.

2. Green jade: After a long and disappointing relationship, it might happen that an individual loses all the confidence and drowns himself in depression. The need to love again has vanished in such cases. Green jade is a crystal that is perfectly suited for this purpose because it gets your heart ready to re-enter in the game of love and continue the quest of finding the soul mate. This crystal empowers your mind and makes it look at all the positive things inside a person rather than concentrating on the negative parts.

3. Amazonite: Whenever you are in a new relation, it is very necessary to start slow and make steady progress. You must exercise total control on your mind and feelings and must not rush into things without giving some time to the relationship. Amazonite is a crystal that helps you to remain calm and maintain control over your emotions. It helps you to get rid of any emotional baggage and promotes flawless communication in a relationship. This is an ideal stone for couples as it maintains a balance in the relationship and promotes love and compassion.

4. Malachite: After a breakup, you are not ready to love again and find it difficult to open your heart for another person. You start having trust issues with everyone in your life and this leads to loneliness and depression. Malachite is a stone that keeps your heart chakra balanced and flowing with the energy of love. It helps you feel stable and safe and promotes a feeling of love and romance in your life once again. Malachite heals you from the inside and boosts you with the right amount of energy and confidence to start all over again.

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