4 Crystals For Enhancing Your Tarot Reading

4 Crystals For Enhancing Your Tarot Reading
For people who have been working with Tarot cards for a little while will understand the essential role of energy in Tarot reading.
To make these cards more meaningful, you need to tap into your own intuitive energy, the energy of the person for whom you are doing the reading, the energy of the situation that you are trying to understand and the general energy that exists between everything in the universe.
By tapping into this energy, you can get a clear understanding of what is happening in the present.
Since crystals absorb, store and transmit energy, they are an excellent tool to enhance Tarot card reading.
These crystals can prove to be effective in many ways.

Following is a list of four crystals that can assist you in tarot reading:



This all-rounder crystal is a wonderful addition to your kit if you are a tarot reader.
This master healer is ideal for any energy worker as it elevates energy and raises vibrational frequencies.
It also helps the user to connect with other planets which are perfect for mediums, intuitive readers and channelers.
Besides this, amethyst also aids in strengthening intuition, psychic abilities, visioning and spiritual development.



This crystal is useful for tarot card reading and cleansing a deck.
If you use lunar astrology to cleanse and “charge-up” the tarot deck then selenite is a good choice for you.
This crystal is associated with the moon and by virtue with cycles and intuition.
The healing and emotional balancing properties of this stone also allow you to stay calm and do the right reading.



With the help of this stone, you feel like you are wearing an extra layer of energetic armour which makes you feel grounded.
This crystal is ideal for clearing out negative energy from the chakra centers.
Garnet also offers clarity, concentration, and thought which helps you to connect to the higher planes of consciousness.
This stone is good for people who have difficulty while concentrating while using tarot cards.


black obsidian

This black stone is created from cooled lava.
Obsidian is available in various varieties like black, rainbow, snowflake and “Apache Tears”.
All varieties of obsidian are grounding and offer projection from negative energy.
If you are an empath, then it is beneficial for you to have obsidian around you.
This stone also helps to repel other negative energies and people.
Obsidian keeps you grounded and helps you to stay in touch with your intuition.

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