4 Bloodstone Facts That Will Surprise You

4 Bloodstone Facts That Will Surprise You
Bloodstone was considered to be the most beautiful of the Jaspers by the ancient culture and its energy was believed to carry the purity of blood along with vitality and strength.
This stone has values that are nurturing and protecting. The bloodstone was also called Heliotrope or the Sunstone.
The word Heliotrope comes from the Greek word helios meaning ‘sun’ and trepin meaning ‘to attract’.
This stone is treasured not only for bringing good health and long life but also for bringing its owner respect, good fortune, riches, and fame.
This stone is also a nurturing stone that helps to clear misunderstandings or difficulties with mothers.
An ideal stone for strengthening your immune system, bloodstone can ward off cold, flu, infections and inflammation.
But apart from the ones mentioned above, there are certain facts about this stone which are not very popular among the masses.

Such facts are mentioned below:

1. The most popular legend of this stone comes from the Middle Ages and claims the “Bloodstone” was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ when the blood of his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and turned to stone. Another version states that the blood of Christ, which flowed from the spear-thrust, fell upon a Green Jasper lying at the foot of the Cross, and from this, sprang the Bloodstone variety of Jasper.
2. Bloodstone can be classified as to whether a Jasper or Chalcedony variety of Quartz or a combination of the two. It is typically defined as a dark green Chalcedony with blood-like spots of Red Jasper or iron oxide inclusions. It occurs as massive formations, ranging from dark green to greenish-blue or greenish-black, and may be translucent to opaque with a waxy, resinous luster. In addition to the spots and streaks of Red Jasper, some formations contain inclusions that are yellow or white, while others lacking inclusions may be entirely green. Bloodstone has been referred to as Blood Jasper and specimens with only yellow inclusions have been called Plasma.
3. Bloodstone mainly carries the “green” energy, which is the energy of the earth. This stone is growth crystal, a powerful conduit of the earth’s Life Force of birth, development and creation and the power of nature’s constant renewal. This stone is a talisman of physical growth and strength and proves to be lucky for an on-going venture.
4. Finding an original bloodstone is very necessary if you wish to reap its benefits. While the highest quality bloodstone is a rare thing to find, you can choose a bloodstone in which the green colour is solid and the red spots are visible. The less valuable pieces that are sold in the market have little to almost no red spots or have brown spots or streaks.

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