4 Best Healing Crystals For Astral Projection

4 Best Healing Crystals For Astral Projection
Astral projection happens when your astral body leaves your physical body and starts wandering. Most of the people have experienced astral travel at least once in their life.
However, not most of them are aware that what they have experienced is a form of astral travel.You can easily achieve involuntary astral travel when you sleep or when you are physically exhausted or emotionally stressed.
The most obvious sign of astral travel is when you jerk awake in sleep or when you have a dream of falling.
Crystals have the ability to enhance your astral travel experience, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Some of those healing crystals are mentioned below:


This is a well-known energy crystal for astral traveling. This crystal stone is highly energetic & it resonates beautifully with Third Eye & Crown chakra.
Because of its ability to increase awareness during astral travel, you are able to remember most of the things which you might have experienced during astral travel.
This Stone of Exploration can also attract angels and spirit guides to you.


The Ametrine’s ability to boost perseverance and relaxation makes it a wonderful stone for astral travel. This is an ideal stone for people who struggle to induce a state of astral projection during their first attempts.
These energy crystals combine the benefits of amethyst and citrine in one package and induce relaxing energy inside you which helps your astral body to leave the physical body.

Blue Calcite

gold calcite
This gemstone induces a sense of deep relaxation which is required for a successful astral travel. This crystal has a remarkable ability to wrap you in an energetic blanket by easing worries.
This energy crystal blocks negative energies from interfacing with your aura, which facilitates a smooth astral travel.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline
There are a lot of negative energies at work when your body performs astral travel and you need to protect yourself from such energies. This is where Black Tourmaline comes into the picture as this stone has properties that can protect you from the negative entities.
This healing gemstone empowers your root chakra and helps to raise the positive vibrations in your body.
The energy crystals mentioned above encourage focus, offer protection and help you to remember the experience of astral travel.
Once you are used to these crystals, you are bound to experience a profound shift in spiritual growth.

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