4 Best Crystals That Help You Heal And Make You Wiser

4 Best Crystals That Help You Heal And Make You Wiser

Crystals have been in use since time unknown for healing purposes. They help in eliminating blockages from our mind, body, and soul. Crystals were and are still used for spiritual, meditation, and healing purpose. They are considered as a great tool for protection.

Crystals are derived from Earth and when they touch our bodies, we are connected to the Earth who helps us in healing, leaving us balanced.

There are hundreds of crystals known to man and in use. Each crystal is unique and is a storehouse of energy and each varies from others in the power it contains and the purpose it serves. Listed below are 4 of the best crystals that are used for healing and making us wiser.

  1. Turquoise

Turquoise is among the top healing stones in the world. It has properties that set it apart from other crystals. Most people consider it to be the energetic bridge between the Earth and the Heaven. Turquoise has been in use since ancient times for healing and records show that the gemstone was used as a powerful tool to ward off the evil.

When Turquoise is gifted, the energy increases trifold and its powers enhanced a hundred times.

  1. Celestite

The Celestite has derived its name from the Latin word "Caelestis" meaning Celestial. The stone is in blue color, the color of the skies and helps in relieving stress and promotes relaxation. It increases tranquillity, serenity, and harmony allowing the user to get a peaceful sleep.

When placed upon our body, it relaxes our muscles and releases the knots formed due to stress and tension.

  1. Bloodstone

Bloodstone has been used since ancient times to improve the blood flow throughout our body. When worn as an amulet, it paves the way for a free flow of blood and when the blood flows freely, the energy transition is stronger. This free-flowing blood and energy give the body strength to function properly. It eliminates lethargy and motivates to work better.

  1. Orgonite

The world we are living in is completely surrounded by pollution emitted from the gadgets and appliances that we use on a daily basis. The pollution emitted is really harmful to our mind and body. The EMF pollution emitted from the Wi-Fi, computers, smartphones, and other gadgets cloud our ability to function properly. Orgonite is known to remove the pollution by converting the negative energies into positive energies.

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