3 Crystals to stop your inner critic!


Are you the person who judges your acts consistently? Do you believe you are no good or the way you do things can improve a lot? This you must read this article! 

Today we bring you crystals that help you silence the inner critic and boost your confidence. 

We also mention our crystal bracelets that are perfect to the cause and easy to carry around. 

So let’s get to the list of crystals and our crystal bracelets.

  • Bloodstone
crystal bracelets

A Bloodstone crystal is a powerful stone that will help you to stay grounded in the present moment. It’s strong healing energy assists with birthing new ways of being.

Bloodstone Benefits: 

  1. Helps to release the echoes of bullies and naysayers
  2. Encourages one to be strategic and flexible in their decision making
  3. Increases endurance to withstand challenges
  4. Boosts motivation
  5. Builds confidence, courage, and self-worth

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  • Red carnelian
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Carnelian is a magnificent gemstone for courage and confidence. It helps you to build stable and strong foundations in your life.

 Carnelian Benefits

  1. Helps you to trust yourself
  2. Boosts your zest for life
  3. Increases practicality
  4. Bolsters courage to face difficulties and overcome them
  5. Stimulate stamina and the inner power

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  • Sunstone
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Sunstone is the perfect stone to use if you are looking to activate your personal power. It can help you to enforce boundaries, build self-discipline, and will leave you radiating confidence.

 Sunstone Benefits

  1. Welcomes good luck and good fortune into your life
  2. Raises self-empowerment
  3. Boosts vitality
  4. Creates potential for success and promotion
  5. Promotes independence

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